How to make Matcha Latte

Find out how we’re doing the Matcha Latte

Onigirazu – Tamago

The Japanese Omelette version.

Onigirazu – Sukiyaki Beef

Beef, slightly sweet. Great taste.

Onigirazu – Salmon

Tasty! The rice-sandwich filled with fresh salmon.

Onigirazu – Tenpei

The vegan one – Onigirazu filled with a Tenpei-Soybean-steak.

Black Sesame Cookies

Matcha Cookies

Matcha Cheesecake


Shoku Pan

Japanese style white bread. Fluffy, soft. Cut either into thin or very thick pieces. Toast a thick piece shortly and enjoy a crispy warm outside with a so fluffy inside. with butter. Heaven.

Melon Pan

To be found in every bakery in Japan. Soft and smart. The top is meant to show the structure of a water melon. It’s all  about the dough.