It’s all about the team. We’re Japanese, but we’re Berliners. We know about Japanese culture very well but have our own way to live and envision it.

Compelling Machiko – the power of will

She drives us crazy; her sense for style and the „right way“ is outstanding.

Machiko Yamashita

Unbelievable Atsuko – the way of the tea

She’s the master of tea. Passionate while uglily experienced. Her personality changes the vibe of every situation immediately.

Atsuko Itoyama

Superb Natsumi – our master of product development

Her technique is great. Her ideas even more. She brings to life new products.

Here you will se an image of her soon.
Natsumi Kosone

Driving Daniel – ok, he’s not Japanese

He drives the car. Sometimes he decides to turn left or to keep running forward. He loves Excel and talks all the time long.

Daniel Roters

Inevitable Patrick – hands up, hands down, hands on

Making it possible. Everything. Stuck? He’ll show you what to do. If he can’t fix it, it’s definitely not broken.

Patrick Kretschmar